The VeinTrain Vein is available in 3 simple low cost models


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1.Professional (Plastic)     2.  Specialist (Soft)     3. Rapid Competency  (Flat Pack)

We all know that continued practice is key to achieving the perfect technique and improved procedures for patients, but there’s not always the time to complete courses or attending extra training.

We’ve developed our own very simple, VeinTrain Vein - we call it the Naked Vein.  A simple training aid so you can practice your technique wherever you are from a simple flatpack for every delegate accross whole organisation Rapid Competency VT Vein  or for the Trainer we have Professional VT Vein,  or a technqiue perfector  the Specialist VT Vein.

We're delighted to offer you this tool, we've been using it as part of our courses for the last 8 years, it's a really simple and effective allowing learners to follow a trainer in groups of up to 300 at once!!! A whole classroom, hospital and workforce can be given one of these. A clinician can perfect their technique in their own time, a trainer can teach a whole class all at once, and an organisation can improve a whole organisation's skill.  

 The VeinTrain APP is here!!!!  You can see video footage.  Training tools, technique tricks and tips.  Book courses directly with an option to subscribe for advanced features with specialist training technques.  Corporate contracts will obtain access to subscribed areas as part of the package.  Train the Trainers will also be able to have their own app in their pocket with advanced access information to help the train others.



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 UAE Work 2016 to 2018 - The Journey so far: 

">UAE Exporting and BCB from Prism on Vimeo.

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2018 So Far:  
Invitations continue but this year we see the Gulf region coming to see us in the UK.  The UAE Embassy held an event in Park Lane in London with the most senior leaders in the UAE and the UK with Lord O'Shaughnessy supporting the important relationship between the UK and the UAE......

Video Power!! 



">FlatPack Training 


We have so much going on please join us on Twitter, LinkedIN or facebook.  We will be feedng this news in here soon but until then click the link and follow for live updates.  

Our Flat pack train is global!!  We can despatch the VeinTrainer sets to anywhere in the world.   Our VeinTrainer is loaded with a competency booklets, equipment and a QR code linking the learner to best practice equipment handling.  #NoPainVeinTrain

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Its magical!!  Flat pack vein. Every learner, anywhere in the world can now have their own Vein!  No more patients being treated as pin cussions.   A whole lot packed into one little box!

We recently used it to teach flushing!! It worked a treat.  Ideal for lots of situation.  Take it into the hospital during product changes.  Who hasn't been caught out by a product change which causes missed vein entry.  This product will save money on wasted product.  Organisations can have thier unique QR code and branding to link clincians to local policy.  Ideal when you have incident rises in needlestick injury or high phlebitis rates .  Upskill your whole workforce!

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Join us!  Good for you clinican, patient and budget!! This programme will save your organisation money!  See how it was key to raise competency rates from 40% to over 90% .....and why the patient liked it, and got patient flow moving......

WISH, Qatar  

WISH Summit 2018

World Innovation Summit for Health

More than 2000 health leaders from 80+ countries will gather together in Qatar at the prestigious event The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH)  2018.   Delegates will be learning about the latest ideas and health innovations, which have the potential to completely revolutionize the future of global healthcare. Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain founder believes we are one world and if something works we should find ways of sharing it and follwing attending the London event in December 2017 is excited to be attending.

Want to see our VeinTrain-ing in action, please watch our new film


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Nottingham Post for their special supplement from UKTI on exporting, read the article here.

Sarah Phillips recognised the problems with these most commonly practised skills of venepuncture and cannulation two decades ago and has driven forward improvements and standardisation since.  A published book, a competency programme, adopted nationally (UK) and recently whole organisations have used VeinTrain solutions (Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Medical Students).  VeinTrain can now share proven solutions beyond the UK. Offering the VeinTrainer tool and App, large event teaching and accredited programme licenses to ensure standardised quality and sustainability for all.

sarah notts post

“The wide variety of clinicians offering these skills to their patients is welcome and makes the most of the talent in the NHS, while offering patients choice and an efficient service.  However, such diversity risks different types of practices evolving.” 

    Professor The Lord Darzi of Denham OM PC KBE FRS FMEDSCI HONFRENG

       In Phillips Sarah, et al (2011) Venepuncture and Cannulation, Wiley-Blackwells, Oxford. 


Sarah said: “I have always said and wrote in my chapter on education (Phillips et al 2011) that teaching multi-professionals is no different to teaching one clinical group. The method may change slightly to accommodate different backgrounds, but the outcome is the same, better patient experiences. I have always believed UK healthcare can offer world class care and treatment and I have been proud to observe, support and in some cases lead work like the training approach adopted in VeinTrain.

“The response we have had so far to access UK expertise and knowledge is encouraging and the support from UKTI so far has made the world seem a smaller place! Attending an event recently with 60 desk officers from around the world saved us 138,050 air miles and who knows how much time as we travelled between 13 countries in one room! Then we were funded by UKTI to attend MEDICA, the largest medical trade fair in the world which has already opened lots of doors for partnership working for mutual benefit. Exporting is GREAT so far and I believe we do have a lot to share on these most commonly practiced skills. I also believe it will help VeinTrain continue to grow in the UK, which is great for patients here.  It was like the world in one room!!!

“2016 is about looking at one world but not losing our strong foundation in the UK and Nottingham. Our independent access courses have always secured our overheads which keeps the business stable. Also as a resident of Nottingham, I hope to see lots of clinicians coming through our training suite at HQ so when my friends are in hospitals the photo messages they send me are all beautifully placed and cared for vascular access devices.”



Our App is coming to you soon!!!  Soon you will have all our VeinTrain tips, techniques in your pocket.  Including video footage.  We also plan to offer the service where you send us your videos on our VeinTrain Vein so we can give you tips to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.   All delegates will receive FREE access to the paid for part of the apps as part of their course.  Contracts and Train the Trainers versions have designated spaces for their own policies and content.   The main thing we like about the app is you become part of VeinTrain, you can even delete it for a while then when you need a refresher, download it again and it will remember you!  Fantastic for revalidation, re-skilling or just interest.  You will also be first to hear any offers we have and any live learning via webinars as we bring our best trainers around the world to you!





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Lisa has for the first time been elected to the board of directors of a leading global body that promotes the safe use of intravenous medical devices.

Lisa has been a supporter of VeinTrain for some time and it is great news that all her hard work has been rewarded with this new role. This is also fantastic news for vascular access. It is anticipated that similar to other global work, this will give UK vascular access a boost.

Sarah Phillips MD has worked with Lisa over the years: “I know that the experience and knowledge I have been privileged to access and share through co-editing our book and 10 year competency booklet will help have a huge impact.

“Seeing a close colleague and friend gain such recognition is also inspiring for me and our clinical specialists and leading nurses trying to improve this area.

“I hope all our VeinTrain followers will join me in supporting Lisa as she continues to make things better for our patients and globally.”

Sarah worked with Lisa on publishing Venupuncture and Cannulation the first publication on venepuncture and cannulation in the United Kingdom.